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Grow your own online business

LPGN offers a simple Business Opportunity that allows you to earn in multiple ways. Earn by selling the product at retail, getting a rebate, or through overriding commission. When you join the LifePharm family through Team Althea, we will help you grow your business by creating your own website page with your contact information. This way, you can get direct sales using our website facility.

Introduced globally in 2012, the company quickly grew to more than 40 countries. Direct delivery continues to expand and you can sell Laminine products in most parts of the world.

How to be a distributor under Team Althea?

1. Click and choose “JOIN NOW.” Choose any package (example Activation Pack at $99) and you will automatically be under Team Althea. You will receive a membership number (IBO number), that allows you to sell and earn a commission. Keep your account details.

2. Send us an email indicating your username or IBO number. You will receive further instructions on how we can help promote your business, by creating a special website page for you. Contact us for more information.

How to earn?

LifePharm is currently transitioning into a combination of binary and direct sales commission. In Asia, there is a binary option and for other countries, there three ways to earn.

1. Direct sales commission – Buy your own stock (example: Family Pack) and earn $35 for Premier Rank. You can sell each product based on the average SRP in the country you are selling it.

2. Referral – Earn a commission each time someone buys from your account (using your URL). Accounts should be maintained by buying 1-2 bottles, depending on your rank.

3. Bonus and commission – As your matrix grows, you qualify for additional income benefits.

Download Compensation Overview.
Download Edge Plus Package Wholesale price option.
How to maintain your account.

What do I need in this type of online business?
1. Basic computer, laptop or smart tablet.
2. Facebook and Email account for registration.
3. Mobile phone for customers inquires.

About Membership

There is no registration fee or holding period, and you can stop with no commitment anytime. However, there is an annual $20 account maintenance. In return, you get your own FREE replicated website and Basic Virtual Office to do your business.

Why choose Laminine through Team Althea?

Laminine is sold through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and with thousands of repeat customers, you will be selling a product that is unique and valuable. As part of Team Althea, we will help promote your replicated website so you can get a direct commission through our website.

Ready to sign-up?

Remember, the best matrix to start your online business is by having the “triangle of success.” Under your account, you can sign-up any member of the family, above 18 years old as your first two business partners. Click HERE to join now.

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