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Laminine FAQ


What is Laminine?

Laminine is a combination of Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FGF), Marine Protein from fish cartilage, and Phyto-Proteins from the pea plant, together known as the OPT9 proprietary blend. It provides the body with the full chain of 22 amino acids essential for cellular health and has anti-aging effects.

Is Laminine FDA approved?

Laminine is FDA approved. It is 100% food grade with GRAS, GMP certified.

Does Laminine contain Laminin?

Laminin is an adhesion molecule found in everyone at the cellular level. It is a substance that holds us all together, and therefore part of the inspiration for the name “Laminine.” However, Laminine contains no Laminin.

How safe are its ingredients?

Laminine has a simple ingredient list comprised of high quality and unique peptide. They are 100% food grade and processed minimally using a natural method that keeps its potency and quality in check.

What are the side effects of Laminine?

To date, there is no known adverse side effect of Laminine, except when the person is allergic to eggs.

Can I take this with medicine?

Yes, Laminine is a food supplement and has no known contra-indication with drugs or medicine. However, it is still recommended to take it at least an hour before or after taking particular medications.

What is the recommended dosage for Laminine?

The doctor recommended intake is 2 to 4 capsules per day, at breakfast, and bedtime. Laminine is 100% food-grade, and overdosage is not an issue except for kidney diseases that should begin with a low dosage.

When is the best time to take Laminine?

Laminine contains a blend of abundant amino acid peptides. This type of protein can be taken first thing in the morning to combat stress daily and support strenuous activity.

How long does it take for Laminine to take effect?

Generally, a person taking Laminine at 2 capsules per day may experience positive change within a few days to a few weeks of taking it.

Do I need a prescription?

No, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription. However, if you are allergic to eggs, you may take one capsule every other day for a week. You may stop taking Laminine if allergic symptoms persist.

Can children take Laminine?

Yes, Laminine is ideal for active children. Laminine can help children focus on their study as well as provide the full chain of amino acids that can energize them as well as support rapid muscle recovery during substantial physical activities.

However, it is not advisable for infants or babies because of a possible allergic reaction to eggs. Children should be cleared first from egg reaction as well.

Can I overdose on Laminine?

Laminine is a food supplement. There is no overdosing except on patients with high creatine levels. Moderation should be observed.

How is Laminine made?

Laminine comes from avian eggs, sea plants, and organic yellow peas. A patented evaporative cooling technology used to extract the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract. The liquid extract is freeze-dried into powder form. Laminine is an all-natural nutritional supplement containing only the finest nutritious ingredients.

Is there a FAKE Laminine bottle?

To date, there no fake Laminine. However, there are other brands labeled as YTE, which claim they can do the same as Laminine. However, the China egg extract brand is nothing more than white egg extracts, which is not the same as Laminine.

Furthermore, Laminine sold in Amazon, Shopee, or eBay are unauthorized sellers, with the risk of the mishandled product, reducing its potency. LifePharm encourages customers to buy only to the legitimate seller where a 30-days money-back guarantee honored.

Does it contain Cholesterol?

The Fertilized Avian Egg Extract is taken from the albumin of the egg (white part) and not from the yolk. It does not contain cholesterol.

Membership Questions

How to sign-up as a member or distributor?

To sign-up as a member or distributor, click the BUY NOW button (top menu or side) and choose your country. Order the Activation Pack (3 Bottles minimum) or equivalent.

By selecting “JOIN NOW,” you buy the product that automatically makes you a member. No registration or sign-up fees needed.

Can I cancel membership anytime?

Yes, membership accounts are dormant for six months to a year automatically deactivated.

How to remove annual membership fee

how to remove laminine membership fee

Login to your account and go to “My Business” > “My Auto-Delivery” and click the “X” button on the right to remove the membership fee. By removing this option, you will no longer be billed annually.

However, you can still use your account until it expires. You can create a new account again.

AUTHORIZED DISTIRBUTORlaminine How to buy Laminine and Lifepharm products.


  1. If a person is under treatment for lung cancer and is taking Tarceva, a cancer drug aimed at an EFGR mutation, Taking this daily.
    Does this product interfere with this kind of cancer treatment. Since we are trying to kill off any latent mutations in cancer cells, I would not want to take a supplement that would be interfere with this process. I have been on this drug for over three and half years.

    • Technically, it’s protein food (amino acid chains) and should not interfere with any drugs or medication. The only caution is to take it not with drugs, but with meal in this case.


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