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How to personalize your own LifePharm website URL

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the website address you see on the top of the browser. If you sign-up as a member (JOIN NOW option), you get a FREE website. In addition, you can modify the website URL and put your own branding. Also known as your “personal website,” you can use the link to get sales from friends or other people by referring them to your website link.

How to personalize your ‘URL’

STEP 1: Login
STEP 2: Click “Enter my Virtual Office”
STEP 3: Click “My Account”
STEP 4: Click “edit” to upload your own photo. Your username will automatically be the appendage of your personal website. Click edit to change your username.

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Your “username” automatically becomes your URL extension. You can change it anytime.

STEP 4: Scroll down to “Website Information.” Your personal website link will automatically be reflected. If you want to change the “Landing Page” of your website, click edit to change your “Replicated Site Landing Page tab.”

STEP 5: Save and exit.

Replicated Website

A replicated website is your own “Free” site where you can receive orders. All you have to do is to promote this URL link. LifePharm will take care of the rest, including delivery. You can change your URL “username” anytime.

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How to add or enroll a member under your account?

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