How to maintain a Member Distributor’s account

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Laminine Account Maintenance

What is your rank? There are several ranks of an IBO. To keep things simple, maintain your account on the following conditions:


For Member/Distributors with at least 2 members under (Left and Right matrix). To get a higher rebate or commission, please buy 1 bottle of Laminine each month.


If you have at least 10 members under your account, please buy 2 bottles of Laminine each month. Premier rank has a higher commission or rebate. For example, an associate rank gets US$35 for a Family Pack. For a premier rank, the rebate is approximately US$54.


There are 5 levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Diamond. Depending on how wide and deep your matrix is, some accounts need at least 4 bottles of Laminine each month, to get special bonuses.

How will I know if my account is expired?

Login to your account and locate “PV Expiration.” This indicates the number of days left until your account expires. To renew, simply place an order through your account.

If your PV is ‘Zero’ (0), you will not receive an overriding commission, but can still get the direct commission for new sign-ups directly under you, even though your PV remains zero. You can check your PV by logging in to your account. Click ‘enter virtual office’ and locate DATA PANEL on the right.

Optional Annual fee

A yearly amount of US$20 is automatically deducted from your account. You may cancel your membership anytime. The fee covers your use of backend office (Virtual Office). You can upgrade your membership to include the PRO Version of the back office.

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