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Brain health: Increasing dopamine and reducing cortisol hormone through Laminine

Several physical and emotional factors induce stress and depression. Although the root cause of depression remains unknown, we know that when the stress hormone cortisol increases, glucocorticoid is released in our body.

This is the body’s response to tolerate stress. Even though stress can be useful, prolonged exposure can lead to a myriad of sicknesses.

General side effects of increased blood sugar

  • Suppresses the immune system.
  • The body’s ability to control inflammation is compromised.
  • It can encourage osteoporosis.
  • Slows down wound healing.
  • Increased abdominal fat.
  • Depressive mood.

Stress can kill in a sense is true, but only in prolonged exposure. Evidently, cortisol is usually higher in the morning and low at night.

A natural way to combat stress is by taking Laminine. It contains naturally occurring Fibroblast Growth Factor derived from partially incubated eggs.

→ Study show lengthening of telomere aids joint pain.

Laminine research on reducing stress

A study revealed Laminine could help regulate cortisol while increasing dopamine levels in the body when taken regularly. As a result, the effects were seen in as short as 12-days of taking Laminine.

However, results may vary and an increase in dosage is recommended, depending on the body’s overall condition.

In the experiment, 28 subjects, 16 women and 12 men, between 36 and 83, took part in the study. The salivary cortisol level content of participants was measured. Overall, cortisol levels were reduced by an average of 23.7 percent.

Those that started on a higher intake of Laminine were 16 participants. They took four capsules twice a day. The 12 participants started on one capsule twice per day. (See complete summary)

→ C-Reactive Protein reduced in osteoarthritis patients.

High levels of cortisol accelerate the aging process. In a recent study, we discovered a 23% reduction of cortisol levels in individuals after 12 days of taking Laminine.Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, LGPN Nutritional Adviser

Stress hormone cortisol reduction, after taking Laminine for 12 days.

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