Laminine Jamaica

laminine jamaica

Where to buy Laminine in Jamaica

Laminine is now available in the Carribean Islands of Jamaica. You can order online using a credit card and Email. Direct door to door delivery is possible in any town in Kingston, Portmore, Montego Bay, and the rest of Jamaican cities and other towns.

Delivery in Jamaica

Door to door delivery is 5 to 7 working days. You can also purchase LifePharm products through local distributors within the country of Jamaica.



Laminine (30-count) Bottle $43.00 USD
Laminine (30-count) Box $43.00 USD
OMEGA+++ (30-count) Box $43.00 USD
OMEGA+++ (120-count) Bottle $172.00 USD
REFIVE (30-count) Box $205.00 USD
DIGESTIVE+++ (30-count) Box $38.00 USD
DIGESTIVE+++ (30-count) Bottle $38.00 USD
Laminine Skin Products
Lamiderm APEX Small $99.00 USD
Lamiderm Apex (50mL) Bottle $258.00 USD
Extrim Body Sculptor (195 mL) $64.00 USD
OMNIA Skin Cell Regeneration Beauty Pack $180.00 USD
OMNIA (60-count) Bottle $99.00 USD

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