Laminine Price in Asia

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Laminine Price in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan (Singapore Hub)

1. Starter (2 Laminine Boxes + 1 Lamiderm 15ml)
Code: SG001 CV: 100.00
Price: US$ 153.00

2. Starter (4 Omega Bottles)
Code: SG001OM CV: 100.00
Price: US$ 153.00

3. Star One (5 Laminine Boxes + 1 Lamiderm 15ml)
Code: SG002 CV: 200.00
Price: US$ 307.00

4. Star One (7 Laminine Boxes) FREE 1 Laminine)
Code: SG002L CV: 200.00
Price: US$ 307.00
* Best buy

5. Star One (7 Omega Bottles) FREE 1 Laminine
Code: SG002OM CV: 200.00
Price: US$ 307.00

6. Star Two (30 Laminine Boxes + 9 Lamiderm 15ml)
Code: SG003 CV: 1,000.00
Price: US$ 1,538.00

7. Star Two Pack (36 Laminine Boxes)
Code: SG003LCV: 1,000.00
Price: US$ 1,538.00
* Best deal

8. Star Two Pack (36 Omega Bottles)
Code: SG003OM: 1,000.00
Price: US$ 1,538.00

Delivery and Shipping Fee

Singapore hub to Asian Countries
US$18 up to 4 Boxes
US$30 up to 20-100 Boxes

Singapore address:
Currently FREE courier delivery

LGPN Delivery Hub

LifePharm Singapore hub delivers directly to Indonesia and Malaysia. Delivery is free within Singapore. However, the hub currently does not ship directly to other Asian countries like the Philippines. Available couriers like LBC does not allow pick-up or collection. NEXT courier requires a hefty $500 deposit and customers should have an account with them. Likewise, ADHOC services are not available for food supplement shipment. Airpak Singapore does not deliver either.

DHL is an option but a minimum fee for a door to door delivery is $350 (maximum 5kg). Special arrangements can be made through Althea Distributor for delivery to other Asian countries like Japan, India, Vietnam, and Korea, for a minimum postal delivery of $18 anywhere in Asia. The fee is the same in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Fiji Island which currently has no direct delivery.

In Australia, Canada, Europe Italy, France, UK, and USA, auto-delivery is available with a $4 to $7 shipping and handling.

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