Effect of Laminine on kidneys

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Doctor’s Panel: Discussion on CKD and other kidney problems

Those with high creatinine or have renal problems can take Laminine for kidney health. Study shows it can repair damaged cells particularly tissues of a kidney damaged by cancer cells. The amino acid protein of Laminine and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) are important components in the base ingredient FAEE (Third generation YTE). In effect, this combination helps the body recover through cell signaling.

In a study published at NCBI, amino acids oral supplements arrested the progression of renal failure. However, a larger controlled study is needed to confirm the initial findings. Set apart from other oral supplements of this kind, Laminine is unique because of its combination of amino acids and FGF signal molecule.

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Effects of Fibroblast Growth Factor and amino acids on kidney

According to Dr. Rhea Magalona, a regular panelist of ‘Be Alive TV Show’ aired at GMATV, she said, “You need nutrition for faster recovery and Laminine has FibroBlast Growth Factor.” FGF has the ability to signal the cell to repair itself. Consequently, when Doctors could not do anything to help the patient recover, Laminine may help, instead of drugs or medicine she explained.

Dr, Magalona also discussed with other Doctors about a patient who had renal (kidney) disease. Renal cysts are sacs of fluid that form in the kidneys. In the worst cases, the wall could become thick and develop an abscess. In other conditions, the creatinine level may elevate to which Laminine is not suitable in high dosage, at least for the first few weeks.

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High creatinine levels in the kidney

Laminine should not be taken for a patient with very high levels of creatinine. Initially, it will be a battle of protein vs. protein. However, the combination of amino acids and FGF proteins in Laminine is an important ‘protein complex’ mandatory to the cell regeneration of a kidney. In addition, Dr. Magalona advised patients to take only one capsule every other day. As the kidney adjusts, the repair will begin and dosage for kidney problems can be increased gradually. Consult your Doctor if symptoms persist.

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